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Organic Emmer Flour

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Our milled emmer flour is naturally sweet and rich with a nutty flavor. (Remind you of anyone?) It can be used in place of common “whole wheat” flour for almost any recipe. This nutritionally dense flour (over 16% protein) absorbs moisture quickly; more so than other whole wheat flour. When following standard recipes you may find that you need to add more moisture (about 1/4 more) than what the recipe calls for. Some believe emmer flour can be used as an alternative flour for people with wheat or gluten sensitivities. Whatever. 

Age: Ancient
Grind: Fine grind for multipurpose. 
Best for: Artisan breads, muffins, cookies, and coffee cakes. It also makes a rich, brown, rustic pasta.
Protein: 16% (high in protein)
Flavors: Nutty, herbal